Have you got a foal due this year or thinking of breeding?

Are you a first time breeder?

Are you worried about what to expect, how to handle the foal, what to do once the foal has arrived?

Would you like to learn what to do and how to do it?

Ian Vandenberghe is running a Foal Handling and Stud Practice Clinic in Witney in June and July.

Former College Equine Lecturer and Stud Manager, Ian Vandenberghe, has over 22 years experience of stud work including foaling over 600 mares. He is often called in to deal with dystocia and young foal problems.

He is successful at cardiac and respiratory resuscitation in the neonate and has had a 100% success rate with 18 foal adoptions on foster mares. A kind and natural horseman, Ian has worked with Monty Roberts and is an expert in the correct and humane way of handling young foals as well as specialised horse care.


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