Statement from the Board of the Hannoveraner Verband regarding WFFS

A few days ago the board of the Hanoverian Association passed the following resolution regarding WFFS in stallions:

1. Stallions newly presented for licensing are required to be tested for WFFS as of the passing of the resolution. The result of this test must be attached to the registration for the licensing. For young stallions pre-selected for the main licensing in October, it is sufficient to provide proof of the WFFS test after admission.

2. A positive WFFS result alone is not a reason for exclusion from the licensing. It will therefore be possible to license a carrier of this gene defect.

3. When stallions are entered in the stallion book I or Ib, the WFFS status of all stallions, including older stallions, will be published in the stallion directory at and in the Hanoverian Stallions Yearbook from the breeding season 2019. This concerns the following information:

- Has the stallion been tested or not?
- In the case of tested stallions, the result is published as "positive" - i.e. carrier of the gene defect - or "negative - i.e. no carrier of the gene defect.

This means that the approved "older stallions" are not required to be tested. However, we need information from everyone as to whether they have been tested and, if so, with which result.