Hanoverian Premium Mares

What is a staatsprämienstute or Elite mare?

This title has now changed to Hanoverian Premium Mare.

You may own an imported mare which bears the title of "Staatsprämie" (State Premium) or the abbreviation for it (St.Pr.St.) appears in the pedigree of a horse which you possess. The "Staatsprämie" is an encouragement measure of the Lower-Saxony State Government which aims at keeping good mares in the breed. Due to this it cannot be awarded beyond the borders of Lower Saxony.

The Hanoverian Premium Mare is awarded to 3, 4 and 5 year-old mares. Please note that 5 year old mares need to complete all the requirements before the 1st August in their 5th year.

Following the successful completion of their mare performance test, mares are known as "Hanoverian Premium Mare". Once they have fulfilled all the relevant criteria as described below, they are known as an "Hanoverian Premium Mare".

In order to achieve the Staatsprämien or Elite Mare award, the following requirements must be fulfilled by the mares:

  • They must receive a 1A prize at a mare show of the Society

Mares are shown at the annual BHHS show. Classes are defined by age of the mares. Some ages are combined. A full list of classes can be seen under Annual show classes.

Mares are presented individually to the judges on a triangular course (see The studbook inspection process for details). They are assessed for their paces and conformation. Once all individual presentations have taken place, all mares in that class are walked in-hand in the ring together. The judges then make their final decision on the order.

In addition to the class placings, the judges can award a premium, the 1A, to any number of mares in a class. This is a reflection of the quality of the mare in her own right.

  • They must pass the mare performance test with a total result of 7.25 or with an average score of 7.5 in either the basic gaits, rideability and freejumping

The mare performance test is described in more detail under mare performance test.

  • They have to be checked not to be a roarer

A vet is required to assess the mare on the lunge or by scoping and provide a letter to confirm that she is not a roarer.

  • They must have at least one foal within a set timeframe

In the UK, there is less emphasis on the timeframe in which the mare produces a foal. The award of Hanoverian Premium Mare will not be made, however, until she has had a foal.

If the mare achieves the required score in the mare performance test, she will remain an Hanoverian Premium Mare Candidate until all the remaining criteria are fulfilled.