Colt Assessment

With regard to the rearing of stallions, there is an additional service provided to British breeders called the colt assessment. Yearling or two year old colts can be brought to the annual show for an assessment of their potential to make a licensed stallion. Given the cost of producing a stallion, this is a valuable step in determining whether or not it would be worthwhile to continue.

The aim is to give useful advice to breeders to help them make informed decisions about their own breeding programme. Neither x-rays or a vetting are required beforehand.

Presentation of the colt is made on the triangle. This process is described in detail under the stud book inspection of mares. It is important that the colt has been prepared sufficiently well to stand in front of the judges to enable them to assess conformation, type etc and to be able to be walked and trotted in hand. The judges will discuss their assessment with the owner/handler after the presentation.