Current Scale of Charges for 2021 onwards.

Please note due to the current pandemic that we do NOT accept cheques, cash or postal orders.  Any fees are to be paid by bank transfer (the office will email an invoice).



Full Membership

£60 before 1st April 2020
£65 thereafter

Associate Membership


Annual Mare registration


Annual Stallion registration


Mare Grading

Hanoverian £60
Non Hanoverian £90

Mare Performance Test

£100 at both Regional and Annual

Mare Upgrading


Stallion licensing

£200 (must be pre-vetted & x-rayed). Veterinary certificates and x-rays must be made available to BHHS when requested.

Stallion Xray Approval from the Hannoveraner Verband £70

Stallion assessment (yearling)


Foal registration/passport


Late Passport Registration Additional £75

DNA Test


Replacement passport


Part Bred Passport


(Horses will also need to be DNA tested and the breeder will need to be an Associate Member of the Society)

Additional charge – use of a stallion unregistered in the year of covering


Assessment (foal, yearling, two year, annual show fee)


Mileage Charge for Home Visit

0.50p per mile

Home visit fee is per grading or per branding.


Change of Ownership

£25 for members
£35 non members

Overstamping (inclusion into the Central Equine Database) £20
Updating/Adding Microchip Details (Including Central Equine Database) £10

Name registration (please note we can only give names to horse who are unnamed on their passports, we can NOT rename a horse)



Postage for Passports


PLEASE NOTE:  All passports and change of ownership certificates will be posted by recorded delivered.  If these are not signed for and returned to the office, there will be a charge of £10 for the item to be resent.