Current Scale of Charges for 2018 onwards.

Full Membership £45.00. This will increase to £50.00 after 31 March in the year membership due. This includes passive membership of the Hanoverian Verband.

Associate Membership £20.00

Annual Mare registration £15.00

Annual Stallion registration £75.00

Mare Grading – Hanoverian: - £50.00 at a regional or the annual show - £80.00 per mare, plus a charge of £100 per mare graded plus travelling expenses

Mare Grading – TB or other non-Hanoverian studbooks: - £80.00 at a regional or the annual show - £80.00 per mare plus a visit charge of £100 per mare, plus travelling expenses

Mare performance test £100.00 at a regional venue - £75 at the Annual Show

Mare upgrading £25.00

Stallion licensing £200.00 (must be pre-vetted & x-rayed). Veterinary certificates and x-rays must be made available to BHHS when requested.

Stallion assessment (yearling) £30.00

Foal registration (and branding where appropriate) and passport:

- £75.00 at a regional show - £75 at home, plus a visit charge of £100, plus travelling expenses.

To qualify as a regional branding centre, there must be a minimum of five foals to be branded

DNA test £30.00

Replacement passport £150.00

Additional charge – use of a stallion unregistered in the year of covering £25.00

Mileage – per mile £0.50 Postage – as per weight/size

Visit fee is per grading or per branding.

Change of Ownership:
£20 for members
£35 for non members, this includes associate membership to the Society.  Thereafter it is £20 per horse.

Name registration: £20

PLEASE NOTE:  All passports and change of ownership certificates will be posted by recorded delivered.  If these are not signed for and returned to the office, there will be a charge of £10 for the item to be resent.