Fees 2022

British Hanoverian/Rhineland Passport Fees 2022

Full Passport

Membership                                  £60 if paid before 31 March 2022
                                                       £65 if paid after the 1 April 2022

Mare Registration                         £20

Passport                                        £80 if paid before 31 October 2022
                                                        £100 if paid after 1st November 2022
                                                        £120 if paid after the 1st December 2022             

                                                        Additional £75 if paid after the year of birth

DNA Test                                         £45

Passport Postage                          £5


If the mare is to be graded then the following fees also apply to the full passport.

Mare Grading                                £60 Hanoverian/Rhineland

                                                       £90 Non Hanoverian

Stallion Fee                                   £25 Use of Stallion Unregistered in the Year of Covering


DNA Testing

Parentage testing is compulsory for all registered Hanoverian or Rhineland Horses.  DNA samples are sent to the lab in Germany at the end of each month.  We will need a minimum of 10 samples in order for the shipment to go ahead.    The DNA testing will take approximately 6-8 weeks once received by the lab in Germany.

Part Bred Passport

Associate Membership                                £30

Passport                                                        £50 if paid before 31st October 2022
                                                                        £65 if paid after 1st November 2022

DNA Test                                                       £45

Passport Postage                                         £5


Please do not send cash or a cheque.  We will email an invoice for payment by BACS.