Foal Branding - Optional

Foals are branded in the year of their birth. For a foal to be branded, the mare must be graded into the Hanoverian stud book. Mares which have not been graded must undertake their stud book inspection before the foal can be branded. This can take place at a regional or the annual show.  We have a short video which shows a foal being branded, this can be viewed by clicking on the following link

In order to have your foal branded, the following items and information are required:

  • The covering certificate
    The society will accept covering certificates issued by other breed societies for licensed Hanoverian stallions.
  • A completed foal ID
    According to the legislation, this must be completed by a vet or an authorised person. Officers of the BHHS are authorised to carry these out. To avoid confusion, please ask your vet to put Male or Female down as the sex (not M).

    Once the BHHS has received the foal notication form you will be sent a foal ID for completion.

  • A DNA sample
    This is now a compulsory part of the foal branding and registration procedure. This has become necessary as a result of the increase in the use of AI in order to confirm the identity of the foal’s dam and sire.
  • A completed entry form
    Your foal can be branded at one of the regional foal shows held around the country during the summer.  The entry form can be downloaded and completed. If the mare needs to under take her stud book inspection, the entry for this can also be made on the form.
  • Signed foal branding waiver
    This is a document which is signed by the owner of the foal to agree to the foal branding. It contains the name and address of the owner and the name of the foal in which the passport will be issued. Please note that names must start with the first letter of the stallion’s name. Prefixes are not allowed on the passport but can be added for competition purposes. EU legislation states that the original name must remain on the passport.
  • Correct payment
    Please enclose with your documents a cheque for the correct amount.