The cornerstone of the modern Hanoverians' success is the rigorous selection and licensing which all youngstock have to undergo. In the case of stallions, the selection is very demanding and the rules prohibit any stallion standing at stud until he has been fully licensed and tested. Only the progeny of these stallions, out of "Registered" mares, can be considered for inclusion in the Breed Stud Book.

For a prospective stallion, the first step on the ladder is his pedigree. To qualify, a stallion must al least have six generations of approved ancestors. The dam and the dam's dam must be Main stud book mares. Beside this, it is mandatory that the dam has passed the ridden performance test, if she was born in 1990 or later (1992 in the UK).

Before a stallion can stand as a Hanoverian breeding stallion, he has to undergo selection, licensing and performance testing.

When breeding from your mare, you need to ensure that the stallion is licensed with the Hanoverian society. Stallions from other breed societies, subject to specific conditions, are licensed by the Hanoverians to cover Hanoverian mares.

A full list of stallions which fulfil the requirements are published in the December issue of the ‘Der Hannoveraner’ magazine. They are also listed in the stallion plan which is published on the verband website at the beginning of each breeding season and a full list of GB registered and based stallion appears on the BHHS site.