Change of Ownership

Please note due to the current pandemic that we do NOT accept cheques, cash or postal orders.  Any fees are to be paid by bank transfer (the office will email an invoice).

Firstly, congratulations on the purchase of your new horse. It is a requirement under the Horse Passport (England) Regulations to register a change of ownership with the relevant Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) within 30 days of acquiring a horse.

The British Hanoverian Society is able to change ownership on all Hanoverian Horses and also other German breed societies. On purchasing your new horse, you should have received a Change of Ownership form.  Please add your name and address to the back of the Change of Ownership form and return this to the office along with a covering letter stating that you are the new owner. (If you did not receive the form with the passport, please contact the office

The address to send your Change of Ownership is:  BHHS, PO Box 10740 (Walk 29), SUTTON-IN-ASHFIELD, NG17 0EF

When you receive back this certificate, fill in and sign page 10 of the passport (older passports have no page numbers). If you have no Certificate of Ownership (these often get lost), send us a letter giving the 826006********* or DE ************* number and the name and address of the person you purchased it from along with a copy of the receipt of purchase.  

Please do not send the passport in the post unless asked.

If the horse is unnamed we can also register a name for you. The registered name needs to start with the same initial as the Sire.

The charge for change of ownership is:

£25 for members
£35 for non members

If you would like to register a name, the name must start with the same letter as the stallions name, the charge is £30, please enclose a cheque payable to ‘The BHHS’