There are two kinds of memberships - active and associate membership.

Active Membership

The breeder's membership. If you own a Hanoverian mare or stallion and want to breed registered Hanoverians you must become an active or voting member of the British Hanoverian Horse Society. If you own a mare (three years of age or older) which has not yet been inspected and graded into our stud-book (see ‘stud book inspection’), it must be registered no later than in the year the foal is born. You have to become a member to take part in any of the grading, licensing, performance testing, branding or showing activities of the society.

As an active member you are charged an annual fee for each mare that is registered and a fee for the passive membership in which the purchase of the magazine "Der Hannoveraner" (see below) is included. Modifications to the rules are always published in this magazine. Therefore we assume that everyone who obtains this magazine knows the latest rules at all time.

Passive Membership

Passive membership essentially comprises the purchase of the members' magazine "Der Hannoveraner". It is published six times per year, and for our members in the English-speaking areas an English supplement - the "The Hanoverian" - is enclosed. "Der Hannoveraner" reports on the actual sports and breeding events from regional up to international level. It also contains the most important fixed terms and news about the Hanoverian. Application process To become a member and register your mares, please use the membership application form.

You have to inform us of the mares which are kept under your name.

As a full member you must pay a fee for each mare which you register in each year of membership. Through signing the membership application form you declare your consent to the rules contained in the memorandum of Association.

Existing members will be sent a copy of the membership application form and a request for payment of the subscription fee. Members who do not pay their annual dues will have their membership cancelled which means that no mare or stallion can be registered with us and no foal can be branded.


The different charges can be found under ‘membership fees’.