Annual Show 2016 - Provisional Timetable

BHHS Annual Show 2016 - ENTER NOW
Provisional Timetable

Saturday 24 September 2016

Please note times are approximate and may change on the day

Ring 1

8.30 Stallions on Hard Ground
9.00 Stallions Free Jumping
10.30 Mare Performance Test – Loose Jumping and Studbook
Inspection - Sponsored by Peter Vousden
12.00 Stallions on Triangle and Decision on Licensing
12.30 Lunch Break
13.30 Mare Performance Test – Ridden with Owner/Rider
followed by Test Rider - Sponsored by Peter Vousden
17.00 Social Event – Breeding Talk from Towcester Vets and Dengie

Sunday 25 September 2016

Please note times are approximate and may change on the day

Winners from All Classes on Sunday will be presented with prize bag from Protexin

Ring 1

8.30 Geldings - Sponsored by Show Ready
9.00 Part-Bred
9.30 Yearling Fillies
10.00 Two Year Old Fillies
10.30 Three Year Old Fillies
11.00 Youngstock Championship
11.30 Foal Championship
13.00 Lunch Break
14.00 Four and Five Year Old Mares - Sponsored by Sew Equestrian
14.30 Six to Nine Year Old Mares
15.00 Ten Years and Over
15.30 Thoroughbred Mares
16.00 Mare Families
16.30 Mare Championship - Sponsored by Horse Health
16.40 Supreme Championship - Sponsored by The Hannoveraner Verband

Ring 2

09.00 Studbook Inspection for mares not being performance
tested and not in the regional foal show
09.30 Regional Foal Show
10.00 Foal Branding

Other prizes from: Show Ready, Wolds Equestrian Bling, Equiture, Protexin