Foals – Notification & Registration

Please notify the Society by email within 28 days of the birth of your foal and, if haven’t done so already, please forward a copy of the Covering Certificate to  (We are unable to process the registration forms without a copy of the Covering Certificate.)

Once we have received the Covering Certificate then we will email, by return, the foal registration papers, membership form and instructions on how to proceed.

Please ask your vet fill this in and return to the society as shown on the form. This is a vital input to the branding and passport production process. Please could you notify the society if your mare did not get in foal, the mare lost the foal or if the foal dies.

Regional Foal Shows

Each year we run a series of Regional Shows with colt and filly classes and awards to the Champion and Reserve at each venue. The top foals will be awarded with our Elite Status.

This is a fantastic opportunity to have your foal assessed and mare graded by a highly experienced international judging team.

This is also an opportunity to meet fellow breeders, learn about dam-lines and see the offspring of Stallions that you may wish to use in the future.

We can’t wait to see the next generation of British Hanoverians.