Mare Sports Award – 4/6 Year Olds

BHHS Sports Test For Mares

In 2023, we are introducing a sports test for mares. This is open to any mare that is eligible to be registered into the BHHS studbook, so it is not limited solely to BHHS registered horses.

In recent years in Germany, more mares are going straight into sport rather than taking the traditional route of undertaking a mare performance test and becoming brood mares.

As a result, the German Hanoverian society has devised a sports test for mares. This is aimed at attracting the owners and riders of competition mares that may go into breeding later in life or breed via ET. The growing number of mares competing and breeding via ET is also reflected in the UK and the BHHS will be running a similar scheme in the UK.

All mares from acceptable studbooks will be eligible subject to the approval of the studbook manager.

The scheme will be based on the existing BD young horse classes. These classes have been developed over the years, are highly credible and fit the required criteria. Specifically, it will be based on the results gained at the BD young horse semi-finals or the championship.

All mares entered for the sports test will receive the sport test award and mares gaining 7.5 and over in the test will be eligible for premium status.

There are two aspects to the award:

  • Participation in the BD young horse semi-finals
  • Completion of the mare studbook inspection

 Participation in the BD young horse semi-finals

The sports test is open to all eligible four, five and six year old mares competing in the BD young horse semi-finals. Test sheets from the championship final are also valid.

You will need to send a copy of the test result sheet along with a copy of the mare’s pedigree from her passport to us at

Once the mare’s eligibility is confirmed, entry to the mare sports test award can be made via the MyRidingLife link below.

Completion of the Mare Studbook Inspection

To complete the process, the owner or rider needs to present their mare at one of our regional shows or our annual show so that the mare can be studbook inspected. This is where the mare is presented in hand for an assessment of her conformation and movement. Details of the studbook inspection process can be found on the BHHS website under ‘stud book inspection’. It is also possible to undertake this stage via video assessment. Details of how to present your mare for video assessment are also given under ‘stud book inspection’ on the website.

Participating mares will receive a stamp for their passport with the results of their studbook inspection and a stamp showing that they have undertaken the sports test plus the score received for the test.

All mares participating in the test will receive the award, with mares scoring above 7.5 overall gaining premium status.

BHHS Annual Show

At the BHHS annual show there are classes for different ages of mares. Within each class there will be specific prizes for the highest placed sports test mare. There will also be a significant training bursary for the best performing sports test mare overall. More details of prizes will be made available on our Facebook page.

Mares are presented in-hand at the show and full details about how to present your mare can be found on the BHHS website. Videos of the process will also be posted on Facebook.

If you are thinking of breeding from your mare in the future, the show is a great opportunity to meet breeders and see a wide range of Hanoverian mares, foals and youngstock. Our studbook manager will also be at the show and can answer any questions you may have about registering foals etc.

Participation in the annual show is optional, but sports test mares will be offered a free entry to the relevant class at the show.

Entry fee

  • £75 with studbook inspection
  • £25 for mares previously studbook inspected.

This will include reviewing the pedigree and score sheet, the studbook inspection (if relevant), and stamps for the passport.