Studbook Inspection

In order for a foal to receive full papers, the dam must be accepted into one of the Studbook Divisions, a mare must meet certain criteria as regards her pedigree, her conformation, and her basic gaits.  Three-year-old and older mares can be presented for studbook inspection. There is no upper age limit.

The mare’s pedigree must include four recognized generations and must have been registered either in the Hanoverian Studbook or in the Studbook of a recognised breed population.

The mares should be presented to the judges in-hand while standing (conformation), then walked/trotted away and back on a straight line, on the triangle in the in walk and trot (evaluation of the and correctness of gaits)

Your mare should be able to present her abilities in both gaits as perfectly as possible and should move as independently from the presenter as possible.

The judges assess the following conformation traits of your mare:



saddle position


front limbs

hind limbs

These traits are combined in the mark for “quality of conformation”.   By averaging the marks for breed and sex type, quality of conformation, correctness of gaits elasticity and impulsion (trot), walk, overall impression and development the “overall mark” is derived.